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  • Postal and Courier Service Manager

    Postal and courier service managers plan, organize, direct, manage, evaluate and are responsible for the budget, customer service, and operational activities of an organization that provides postal and/or courier services.

  • Procurement Officer

    Procurement Officers process purchasing transactions for equipment, materials, supplies, capital goods, and services. Procurement Officers are employed by a wide range of establishments throughout the private and public sector such as manufacturing firms, utility companies, and the service sector.

  • Purchasing and Inventory Clerk

    Purchasing and inventory clerks process purchasing transactions and maintain inventories of materials, equipment, supplies, and products. Depending upon the size and nature of the organization, the duties of purchasing and inventory clerks may either be distinct or overlap in function.

  • Purchasing Manager

    Purchasing managers plan, organize, direct, manage, evaluate, and are responsible for the budget, purchasing activities, purchasing policies and strategy of an organization, including the identification of opportunities for operational improvements.