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  • Logistics Analyst

    Logistics analysts collect, evaluate, and analyze product delivery or supply chain processes and operations to identify, recommend changes to upper management.

  • Logistics Manager

    Logistics managers plan, organize, direct, manage, evaluate, and are responsible for the operations and budget of departments or companies involved in supply chain services including customer service, warehousing, inventory control, transportation, materials handling, and strategic planning. This position includes the identification of opportunities for logistics operation improvements.

  • Logistics Planner

    Logistics Planner design operational solutions for projects such as transportation optimization, network modeling, process and methods analysis, process and production layout design and improvements, warehouse layout, cost containment, capacity enhancement, routing and shipment optimization, or information management.

  • Longshore Worker

    Longshore workers handle, move, load and unload cargo to and from ships, trucks and railway cars on and around port docks by performing general labour duties and operating a variety of machinery such as front-end loaders, yard and ship tractors, various ship and shore based cranes, various types of forklifts, winches and derricks. They are employed by marine cargo handling companies, shipping agencies and shipping lines.

  • Longshore Worker Supervisor

    Supervisors who supervise and co-ordinate the activities of long shore workers.